Construction Consulting

 We provide Growth-Minded Construction Companies with a clear financial path

We work with construction businesses to not only track what has been accomplished, but then leveraging that data to help predict what is coming.

We grow your profitability by assisting in winning the information game by using information and analytics to transform your business and achieve the long-term vision for the company.

What could a partnership like this mean for your Construction company?

Our analytical style allows you to take control of your finances, not by purely reciting the historical data of what has already happened, but by leveraging the data to help predict what is coming. By helping to light the road ahead, we give you the power to make any needed adjustments. We believe a clear vision creates better results. We strive to eliminate surprises and help you build a vision for your business, then successfully navigate the road to achieving those goals. Explore how the following services could benefit you:

Vision Driven Planning

Do you have a clear path?

If you have an idea for your future, but are unclear how to get there, we can provide the map.

It’s great to have a goal of your company being worth $10 Million five years from now- but what does that look like for you? How many jobs per year will you be bidding? How many employees will you need to have?

We work with management to quantify their long-term vision and turn it into annual operating plans that are centered around the company’s vision. By working backwards from end goal, we map out the course, and all the pieces that lead to it-financial and operational-to create an actionable plan that is broken down and rolled back to today. This allows you to make decisions today that will continue you to drive your forward to your end goal.

Which direction

Do you take today to make sure you reach your long term vision for your company?

Cashflow Forecasting

You don’t have to be in dark. Let us help you see what’s ahead.

We create cashflow forecasting systems to help better manage cashflow.  Trying to decide when to buy a large piece of equipment?  By having a reliable cashflow forecast, you can make wiser decisions, allowing you to make large purchases with confidence. 

Financial forecasting, specifically cashflow forecasting, does exactly that. It provides us with an additional level of certainty, although not absolute, to make decisions. A reliable forecast can identify likely future gaps in funding and allow for you to plan for those gaps accordingly.

13 Weeks from Today

Do you know what your cash flow will look like?


Keep a sharp eye on the most numbers in your business.

One of the best ways to positively impact your business is by singling out and vigilantly monitoring certain measurements of data. Based on your unique goals, we create a visual scorecard of key performance and key predictive indicators. By keeping a close eye on measurable behaviors, you can quickly see which actions are influencing your bottom line.

Providing you with analytics that are easily understood and that are in real time, you can take action before problems emerge.    

What’s your Number?

If you could track and change one number in your business, what would it be?

Tax Services


We work to develop a tax strategy that is in line with your vision. It is vital that your Operational Planning and your Tax Strategy work together. You want to reduce your tax liability as much as possible, but also be able to prove on paper your financial strength to potential lenders or buyers. It is a process that involves forethought and keen insight to choose a strategy that is in line with your company’s vision for the future.  


We provide full peace of mind by preparing both entity and owner returns.  Included in our service is correspondence to any notices in regards to annual tax returns,  and full representation in case of an audit. We pride ourselves on consistent and open communication.

A Proactive CPA

What could that mean for your business?

Outsourced Services

In order to win the information game, you have to have good information.

We believe your accounting and finance department is the foundation of your business. Our outsourced services help ensure that you have the best accounting information to made decisions. Fortune 500 companies have the luxury of being able to afford a level of expertise in this area. Most small to midsize companies do not. Our outsourced services give you access to a wide range of knowledge and expertise to provide you with a firm financial foundation, at a fraction of the total cost of just one individual.


  • CFO

  • Controller

  • Financial Planning (company)

  • Bookkeeping & Payroll

Why pay for the

salary of one

When you can have our whole team?