Financial Statement Audit




Audits are often required by governmental entities disbursing funds, banks lending money, or investors. However, they can also be a hugely beneficial tool to build confidence in stakeholders, sure up internal controls, and build trust.

Customers turn to TWP for audit services that builds trust and transparency while knowing TWP will work with management to help build a better organization.

Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting isn't always straight forward. There can be times that the rules seem to change, unusual transactions arise, or your company requires a little extra sophistication.

TWP helps customers understand complicated reporting requirements, presents options, and represents customers during an audit to help explain.

Internal Controls

A company's internal controls are what makes sure company assets are used appropriately and data remains secure. These controls need be designed with knowledge of the system and the company.

TW&P provides peace of mind to company management, shareholders, and lenders by auditing and issuing reports on internal controls.

Financials submitted to third parties like banks or insurance companies need additional safe guards for the recipients. These safeguards often come in the form of being compiled or reviewed by a CPA. The lack of having these services performed can leave companies without bonding for jobs or waiting for a release from their line of credit.

TW&P customers enjoy timely compilation and review services, fitting their time line.

Compilation and Review