Key Performance Indicators

Key Predictive Indicators

A company is set apart from it's competition by what data it collects and what data it uses to make decisions. Key performance indicators can tell you how you are doing now and in the past while key predictive indicators will tell you how you are likely to do in the future.

TWP customers find success by using dash boards and scorecards on a regular basis that compares their current operating information to benchmarks, prior year information, and industry data. In addition, they are able to complete the feedback loop between decisions, behaviors, and outcomes. A completed feedback loops means a continuously improving process of management decision making.

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How does having a completed feedback loop between your decision making and operations change the way your business operates?

Do you know your numbers? Really know them?

How can managers in construction businesses predict the future and know what changes to make today?


Financial Statement Analysis

Understanding where you've been can help you make better decisions in the future. Reviewing your financials will do just that for your business profits.

TWP can analyze financial statements and operational data in a way that teases out trends and meaningful information that can be acted upon by management.

Market Analysis

Just knowing where you've been isn't enough to tell you where to go. Sometimes you need a navigator to guide the ship to better waters. This navigation in business terms is marketplace analysis.

TWP can help with understanding what geographic, demographic, and psychographic segments a company should be targeting to optimize outcomes and achieve goals.

Know what your business is worth to help you make big long term decisions.

TWP offers business valuation services for many scenarios including selling or transferring businesses, divorces of owners, and estate planning.

Business Valuation