Tax Filing

Working in tax since 1904 has taught us the importance of taxes filed on time and accurate.

Tax Strategy

Taxes can be complicated and paying too much can be frustrating. We believe in a straight forward approach that involves looking ahead to plan a tax strategy that works for you and your business well in advance of the following spring.

State and Local Taxes

State and local taxation can be a complicated and fragmented landscape. TWP helps customers navigate through local income tax, state sales tax, B&O taxes, commercial activity tax, and many more.

Resolving an issue with the IRS requires knowledge and experience working with the IRS. TWP works for it's customers in resolving issues with the IRS in three ways:

  • Research & defense preparation before an audit.

  • Representing the client to the IRS and reviewing inquiries from the IRS before the client acts.

  • Developing a strong defense strategy and exploring all possible resolutions.

IRS Resolution

Maintaining value inside of an estate requires understanding of sophisticated tax code. TW&P works with it's customers to understand your goals and make your trust work for you and your situation while reducing tax liability.

Estate Planning