Take luck out of your business equation. Make an annual operating plan tooled for peak performance.

A finely tooled operating plan will answer the following questions:

  • Is our business operating at peak performance?
  • Are we leaving money on the table?
  • How much should we spend in advertising?
  • When should we invest in infrastructure such as machinery, autos, and IT?
  • When should we expand staffing?
  • How can we improve revenues without incurring additional expense?
  • Is our business at the optimized volume level?
  • Do we have the right product/service offerings in this market?

The question we, TW&P Consulting, seem to hear most often from customers relates to company performance. Customers ask, "Is my company performing well and are these margins considered good?" Our answer is always the same, "Did you beat your plan? If so, then your business is performing well."

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