What Makes TWP Different?

Since the birth of Business, there have been Accountants.   Designated individuals who had specialized knowledge to make sure things stay profitable. The earliest records found from 7,000 years ago in Mesopotamia show lists of expenditures, and goods received and traded.

For many businesses today, that is still the same role their Accountant plays.

We believe it's time for your relationship with your Accountant to evolve. 

Accountants have historically been rear view mirror participants in your business, only dealing with historical numbers and reporting what has already happened, and often to many months after the fact.  At TWP we believe in being forward looking, helping you drive your business by looking through the windshield at what is ahead.  We strive to eliminate surprises and help you build a vision for your business, then successfully navigate the road to achieving those goals.  We look forward to further explaining what this could mean for you.


3 Ways We are Different


We are forward-looking

We are not just historical with our collection of data, but we look for ways to leverage that information for better decision making now and in the future. We believe a clear vision creates better results, we work with clients to always be looking through the front windshield, as opposed to the rear-view mirror.


relational vs. TRANSNATIONAL

We look to create true partnerships with our clients, not just yearly visits.  We strive to collaborate with our clients in a consultative role, meeting with them regularly to help them profitably mold the business as it grows.  Communication is highly encouraged, this is vital to quickly respond to financial trends happening in your business .


We are Transparent

In a world where ‘accounting fees’ are ambiguous and undefined, we operate differently.  All our engagements are priced up front with clear expectations being defined. We will never charge for phone calls/emails with us. In fact, we want you to reach out with any questions you may have.  This transparency gives confidence to our clients that we are always working with their success in mind.