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Succession Planning

A clearly defined succession plan is vital to the longevity to a business that you have worked hard to build. A succession plan crafted with intensity and thoughtfulness needs to be developed years in advance to ensure business continuity and customer retention when there’s a change in ownership. Whether one is transitioning ownership to other partners or preparing to sell the business, succession planning is an important process that ensures your business is prepared well for the future.  Through TWP’s Succession Planning, we make sure you are operating your business with the goal of maximizing its value that will help you to realize that value well ahead of retirement, as well as ensure that you obtain the best price possible when you are ready to sell. Preparing your business means taking steps to minimize debt, improve collections, streamline operations for efficiency, maximize productivity, and grow your business. 

selling your business

For many business owners, selling their business is a large part of their retirement.  TWP has a brokerage division that can preform a valuation to identify a fair asking price, provide complete confidentiality during the marketing of your business, screen all buyers and offers to present only legitimate proposals, assist with negotiations, and orchestrate the final closing.   We offer a free, confidential consultation to discuss our process.


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