Collect data.

Act with certainty.

Be strategic.

TWP Consulting, the consulting division of Trainer, Wright, & Paterno CPAs is a team of strategists committed to helping businesses seize competitive advantage. We do this by partnering with owners and managers to provide insights at every stage of their business.

We help clients be strategic in their business:

Market Place Analysis - Get to know the marketplace better to seize opportunities and minimize threats.

Strategic Positioning - Create a plan to position yourself in the consumer's mind. Occupy a profitable niche, be top of mind, become the price leader, become a luxury brand, or much more.

Qualifying and Closing Deals - Track the numbers, learn from your mistakes, and close more deals using imperial evidence and salesforce training to improve your customer conversion process.

Structuring Agreements - Are you providing the best value to your customer in exchange for the being paid the total value of your service or product?

Service/Product Delivery - Deliver your best product efficiently, on time, and profitably. Track job costs, optimize workflow, improve gross margins.

Customer Retention - Dazzle your customers and create repeat business by structuring good after-the-sale policies.

We help owners and managers be strategic in their thinking:

KPI Development - Create key performance indicators that will tell you how to optimize your business and change course long before it hits your bottom line.

Data Collection & Analysis - Set up systems to track information pertinent to operations, sales, or administration. Provide tools to managers and staff to help them excel.

Accounting Information Systems - Improve the efficiency in your transactions, reporting, and speed your decision making.

Operation Planning - Plan your operations well in advance to establish budgets, sales targets, and long term goals.

Structural Planning - Improve profits by acquiring a competitor, moving into a new region, expand nationally, or launching a new product line. Know the numbers and predict the outcomes well in advance of making the investment.

Other Consulting Services:

Trainer, Wright, and Paterno CPAs is always looking for new ways to add value to our engagements. Consulting is the act of providing expertise, education, or analytics in a particular field or topic. Our consulting practice exists to service small to medium sized enterprises. With added understanding to their businesses our clients are able to design and implement strategies, giving them substantial advantages in the marketplace and increased efficiency within their operations.

Private Equity and Debt Financing Support

Internal Analytics and Insights

IT System Implementation

Market Analysis

Internal Control Systems Review and Assesment

Business Valuations

Litigation Support

Internal Audit

Transactions Services

Accounting Information Systems Implementations