TWP’s 10 Step Process to Selling Your Business

Step 1: Plan and Prepare

  • Evaluate your financial needs post-closing

  • Organize financial records

  • Clean/repair equipment

  • Normalize inventory

Step 2: Retain TWP

  • Meet and discuss objectives

  • Discuss market and buyer expectations

  • Execute TWP representation agreements

Step 3: Complete Valuation

  • Understand Valuation techniques

  • Determine asking price

Step 4: Business Profile

  • Detail historical performance

  • Identify growth opportunities

  • Build an attractive and accurate summary

Step 5: Market the Business

  • Develop marketing strategy

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Manage your business while TWP markets it

Step 6: Identify Buyers

  • Interview prospective buyers

  • Obtain Non-Disclosure Documents

  • Arrange on-site visits

Step 7: Term Sheet

  • Obtain offers from buyers

  • Identify acceptable offers

  • Facilitate negotiations

  • Prepare for due diligence

Step 8: Due Diligence

  • Respond to information requests

  • Amend term sheet, if necessary

  • Help buyer identify financing sources

Step 9: Open Escrow

  • Draft closing documents

  • Review completed documents

  • Resolve remaining contingencies and third-party financing

Step 10: Closing

  • Plan announcement to employees and other stakeholders

  • Sign documents, transfer funds and pay broker

  • Transition management to buyer

Congratulations! With the help of TWP, you have just sold your business and now ready to move on to the next adventure!