Payroll & Payroll Tax

Consistent and dependable payroll issuance is important to keep employees productive and taxing authorities away.

Customers depend on TW&P to always be there to issue payroll, pay liabilities, and answer questions when they arise.

Real Time Reporting

Knowing where your finances stand before the end of the month is important. Real time reporting allows a company to know at any moment how profitable they are operating and how much cash or credit they have available.

TW&P real time reporting customers enjoy a competitive advantage by knowing at anytime if what they're doing is financial successful. They're not waiting till the end of the month anymore.

Statement Preparation

Managing a business by numbers requires statements that are consistently accurate and on time. Companies who incorporate financial statement review in their management strategy make better decisions.

TW&P Customers can depend on receiving accurate and timely financial statements along with all their questions answered.