Policies and Procedures

Writing or reviewing of policies, processes, and proceedures for companies.

Do you have the right people in the right seats doing the right tasks? Are your company assets safe guarded with appropriate policies, procedures, and processes?

TWP can review your polices and procedures or write new ones from scratch to ensure you confidently have the right positions in your company doing tasks that move you toward your goals and company assets are safe guarded.

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AIS, ERP, and CRM Support

Accounting information systems (AIS)

Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

A company's record keeping system is the key to ensuring the trains run on time. It keeps vendors paid, customers invoices, inventory managed, and jobs bid.

TWP helps customers make the most of their accounting information systems, enterprise resource planners, and customer relationship managers. These systems are not just a record keeping necessary evil. The systems TWP customers maintain become some of their biggest assets.

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Custom Report Writing

Business information systems run on a core database structure. It's likely your company has an ocean of data saved somewhere underneath the sleek software interface you see day to day.

TWP customers make the most of their data with custom reports telling them information about operations, sales, and finance. Better information means better decisions.

By writing these reports you can produce scorecards with key performance/predictive indicators with no additional work added to yourself or staff.