Why Engage TWP for your consulting needs?


Because we can make the unseen seen.


If you have an idea for your future, but are unclear how to get there - we can provide the map. We fluently speak the complex language of your financial figures and can expose elements that may go unnoticed otherwise. TWP specializes in understanding the web of data that is already being collected, and provides tangible, attainable figures to help you reach your goals.   If you needed heart surgery, you would seek an experienced heart surgeon. If your objective is to grow the financial value of your business- why would you seek anyone else?

How you Benefit: 

  • Make better decisions by relying on real-time financial information

  • Gain understanding and practical insight about what drives the value of your business

  • By utilizing our state of the art tools, we help solve complex cash flow problems, improving predictability

  • Using analytics that are easily understood, take action before problems emerge

  • Respond immediately to trends, both positive or negative, to be a more proactive decision maker


Engaging with us is RISK FREE.   If we do not deliver the defined objectives of our customized consulting proposal, you will receive a full refund.

Forward-Looking Consulting Services

Vision Driven Planning

We work with management to financially quantify their long-term vision and turn it into annual operating plans that are centered around the Company’s vision. By working backwards from end goal, we map out the course, and all the pieces that lead to it-financial and operational-to create an actionable plan. 


KPI Development, Implementation & Review

We work with management to identify key performance and key predictive indicators and develop those into a visual scorecard of the company’s current performance. With this baseline established, trackable behaviors can be adapted to move the dial.


Cashflow Forecasting

We work with management to develop a cashflow forecasting system which provides them the information to make better cashflow decisions and to spot troubled waters ahead.  Financial forecasting, specifically cashflow forecasting does exactly that. It provides us with an additional level of certainty, although not absolute, to make decisions. It’s about spending time today, to help us improve the future outcome.


Outsourced Services:

We believe your accounting and finance department is the foundation of your business.  In order for you to win the information game, you have to first start with good information.  Our outsourced services help ensure that your have the best accounting information to make decisions.  Fortune 500 companies have the luxury of being able to afford a level of expertise in this area that most small and midsize companies do not.  Our outsourced services give you access to a wide range of knowledge and expertise to provide you the same luxury at the fraction of the cost.