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Vision Driven: A Roadmap to Success

Where there is no vision, the people will perish….Proverbs 29:18

Are you a vision driven company?  Do you know and have documented your company’s values?  Do you have a stated purpose?  Have you drawn the clear picture of where your company is going?  Have you shared it with your employees? Or are you bound to perish?

What would your business look like if every decision was made with a specific end in mind?  A vision is that specific end and being vision driven is making decisions and taking action based on that vision.  A vision answers two distinct questions:

1.       Who are you as a company?

2.       Where are you going?

First, who are you as a company – there are two components to answering who you are as a company.  A) What are your unwavering values as a company?  Values are the driving force behind any business ecosystem within the competitive world.  Knowing your values and more importantly communicating those values to your employees, customers and vendors is a vital part of success and will make the decision-making process easier because decisions are made based on those values.  At Trainer, Wright & Paterno, our values are Professionalism, Focus, Caring and an Above the Line attitude and approach.  These values lead us to always do what we say we’re going to do, to be dependable, seek out knowledge, to be committed to achieving goals, to care about our customers, employees and our business, as well as, to always take responsibility for our actions and to be held accountable to our service.  These values are our foundation for all things that we do.   B) What is your purpose? What are you passionate about?  Your purpose is the true leader of your team.  Every decision should be made with your purpose in mind.  It is the passion that drives your company.  Examples of some well known Companies purpose are, Disney – To make people happy, Mary Kay – to give unlimited opportunity to women, Coca-Cola – to refresh the world.  At Trainer, Wright & Paterno our purpose is to create a successful result together.  The key for us, is to be results oriented and outward facing.  Our decisions and actions are made with the outcome of creating successful results while holding true to our values in mind.  Companies that have clear values and a defined purpose can more easily make decisions in their business because their values and purpose act as a beckon of light guiding them through some of those dark waters.

The second part of the vision is to answer where you are going.  The word root of vision is the Latin word videre, meaning “to see”.  Do you see a clear picture of where you want your company to be in 10 years?  Can you describe that picture?  If so, you have the second part of the vision.  The where you are going component is the road map.  Have you ever just jumped in your car and decided to drive to the opposite coast, no directions, no GPS, no maps, just start randomly driving.  You may ultimately end up on the opposite coast, but possibly not as quickly as you could have gotten there or maybe further north or south than you intended.  That is essentially what a company with no clear picture for the future is doing; they are driving with no directions hoping to end up at the desired location, if a desired location is even known. 

Companies who have core values, a stated purpose, and clear picture of where they are going are better prepared to handle disruptions that may come their way via regulations, demographics or technology because they are forward looking, which makes them aware, predictive and adaptable to changes.  These companies are vision driven and can more easily answer tough questions as they arise such as, should we open a new location or enter a new market, should we start a new product line, should we add another shift, etc.   

So do you feel like you’re a vision driven company or are you just rinsing and repeating the same steps every day hoping it takes you to a better future?  Are you ready to lead on purpose with an end in mind?  If you’re interested in developing your vision and would like a free resource to assist you, click on the link below ("Get Traction") and complete the form to receive a copy of the book Traction by Gino Wickman.

Get Traction.

Post by Todd Williams.

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